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Beat Production
  • Recording - Picking the appropriate microphones for each specific artist. Routing each microphone to the correct channel. Setting up headphone sends and getting each person's headphone mix dialed in to taste. $45 / HR

    or Day Rate of $420

    (10 Hr Max)

  • Editing - Gain staging, comping takes, pitch correction and rhythm quantification $35 / per hour

  • Mixing - Track volume, compression, equalization, effects, getting the overall feel of the track where desired. $35 / per hour

  • Mastering - Attenuation of unwanted frequencies, Saturation, final compression, global volume boost. $65 / Per Song

    $500 for full album

  • Beat Production - create a foundation beat for the artist to build off of in real time. Inquire within for rates based on your projects needs.

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